Disruptive Thinking by T.D Jakes; Review.

Life happens, and Stephen Covey will call that, circle of Concern; these are factors we can’t necessarily influence or change, but you know what we can control? Our attitude and reactions when those things happen.

Bishop T. D Jakes opens up this great book by sharing from his personal experience.

His father, Ernest Jakes, was a great dad and did everything his hands and mind could conceive to feed their family.

He saw his father and mother dance. A sight he never forgets because they seldom showed affection publicly.

But it was short-lived as the bread winner of the home became sick. At age 38, his father suffered from debilitating kidney failure. He died three years after the discovery.

And here are the questions posed when disruption happens;

“How will you respond to trouble? How do we respond to calamity and chaos? Will we be Orthodox in our thinking that we don’t explore options beyond the vail of human acceptance, or will we jump the fence? Will we find a way to thrive in an environment that is not conducive to normalcy?”

The other flip side that happens when you are faced with a disruption is that you must be disruptive too in other to nip the negative circle in the bud if you must survive such time. That’s where disruptive thinking becomes necessary.

If you don’t like the life you are living, you have the power to change it. We are desperately in need of something to be solved, inside or outside. Disruptive Thinking for each of us is personal, specific, individually transformative.

To think as a disruptor, Bishop T.D Jakes hands us a necessary tools or points that will help us;

Disruptive Partnership; The difference works in our benefit, giving us the opportunity to see matters from an entirely new perspective -one that may never occur to us if we continue to work in silos.

Collaborative Solutions, the big reason why disruption is necessary, how to handle the difficulty disruption brings,

The great big advantage this book holds is that, you may not necessarily be the disruptor, but you may be married to one or have a child who is a disruptor. Bishop shares how you can be helpful to them.

And the stories shared make the book more powerful and engaging.

I particularly love the story in Chapter 11 about parenting a disruptor. It’s about a daughter who kept repeating her mom’s method of cooking without questioning it, only to realize that her mom did that because her pan was not big enough to accommodate more.

If you can’t find time to read anything in this book, don’t miss the last chapter. It shared lessons from great CEOs and business giants. This last chapter does something to the CAP you must have placed on your ability unknowingly.

Bishop books are a delight to read. Let’s say it’s 9/10 as the full score belongs to Jesus, the giver of creativity. 😂.

I enjoyed reading it and this is my review.
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