The Woman; An Embodiment Of Grace.

As the world fights for women to be at pal with men, authors are making meaningful contribution to ensure families and homes are secured.


Grace Festus, shows women what they should be to their spouse.

She believes that a woman is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted in beauty as a tender rose. women  oozes influence, wisdom and wealth . She is in fact unlimited no matter how fragile a woman may look.


In this book, the author seeks to help women come to an awareness of who she is and her role in making the world beautiful. In addition to this, women would learn how to love themselves which is the foundation from where she can love her spouse and others.

Title of this great book is ‘Embodiment of Grace’ with a sub title that summarizes the book; What Every Woman Should Be To Her Spouse.

Dear lady, it’s not enough to know your strength and weakness, It’s far better if you would learn how to use it for your good.

Grace Festus 2The author is gracious enough to have given it up for download for free. But by 4th of April 2016, it would no longer be available for free download.

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