Promise By Jay Amaakaven

In the wake of a new dawn
Lurks a promise
That every child shall grow
While the elders slug along
Hope is charred! How can life survive?
Gone are the years
When neighbors exchanged plates for Christmas
Children studied in classrooms.
In the evenings
Elders told stories of
Peaceful days not too distant past
Stories told in the moonlight
Of fathers as young abled men
Worthy of leadership and families alike
Warriors that with stood the occasion
Now, terror stalks about at night
Entire generations are smoked out
Ashes blown out of sight
By a tribe too primitive to be called a nation
One who would rather brother a cow
And then, cow my brother.
They claim there is freedom of movement, but,
Your freedom ends, just where my farmland begins!




Bibliophile Jude 20170311_012453Jay Amaakaven can’t think of a thing
He loves more than listening to good music and reading
interesting books. Currently a Geography Student
at the Benue State University, he is still single, though hardly searching.
He loves to watch football games occasionally.
His favourite authors include Helon Habila,
Francine Rivers, and Paulo Coelho.
Jay Amaakaven was born on the 18th of November, 1994.


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