Solana Luz is fed up with the low intelligence and one-track minds of the boys she’s been dating. She decides to give them up once and for all, focusing her attention on her science project, which promises to bring her the acclaim she’ll need to get into a great university. No sooner does she make this decision than her uncle’s new ranch hand begins to pursue her. Even though Solana puts up a good fight, she eventually falls for the good-hearted Ramon. Their relationship is perfect-so why does Solana feel horrible when she herself completely to him?

Why does the “happiest” decision of her life leave Solana feeling empty?

P.S Parental review is recommended for young readers due to themes involving Premarital Sex.
For those who do not know how to begin teaching their teenage child about sex education, this book would be a great help at helping you take the initiative.

First Published: Paperback – March 18, 2005
Author: Jeanette Hanscome
Creator: Lissa Halls Johnson
Paperback Pages: 192

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