Voluminous books can sometimes pose  as a lot of work because they actually do have more pages to be read and may even come in tiny print.

The usual temptation is to avoid them totally and look for books with similar content and less volume or pages.

But what if really you need to read this book because you believe the author does write really well and may not necessary find a book that may discuss this topic like your preferred author? What if you do not find another book with same message and you are left with reading it? What if it was a collective choice to study this book in a group you belong?  What if you really do feel it’s a book you must read?

The truth still remains that you can always read such books not minding your fears and I want to show you how to.

I would group solution  into two parts (A and B).

For Solution A, It would work when you are totally not under pressure and all you need are certain information. Not too detailed.

Simply take these steps.

  • Note what information you seek.
  • Go to table of content and see what chapter handled that
  • Quickly move to that page and focus on reading that.

For solution B; solution B is helpful when you have a target to meet because of your reading group, personal goal and enjoying the book.

I provided  pictorial representation.

How to read a big book. 2Step 1 as seen in picture one and two; Take the book out of your bookshelf or wherever you keep books. Note that it’s just a book as other books too and it would remain unread as long as it’s in it’s safe place.

Step 2: Based on strength and availability of time, decide on how much volume you would read each time you pick the book. You can use chapters or pages to determine that.

How to read a big book. 3HStep 3: Make two book marks available to you as seen in picture 3.

How to read a big book. WRStep 4: After you’ve decide on how to read it; Place the first book mark in the page where you are to begin for each day and the second book mark in the page where your reading is suppose to end for the day as seen in picture 4.

Step 5: Focus on that pages where you have your bookmarks. The book marks would condition your mind to knowing that the portion you marked is achievable and something you can meet because you did set it based your on strength.

How to read a big book. 5BStep 6: When you are done reading the pages where you have your bookmarks, move to next target or set another. Do not move book mark from its last position except you exceeded that point. Move the first bookmark to the next page where your reading would be ending for the next read and focus on these pages.

Step 7: Keep setting goals and follow through till  you  finish reading the book.

It’s even more beautiful when you are not under any pressure. You can read a part weekly if completing it straight on reminds you that it’s so much work. You can even read less voluminous books in-between   reading this book.

The beautiful thing the bookmark does for you is that no matter where your reading stopped, you can identify the page you read last and then pick up from there.


I do hope these tips shared would add fun to your reading.

Do have a great week ahead.






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