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My Review : 
My copy was sent to me as gift by Dr. Dickson in 2015 even though I received it formally in 2016. I had tucked it into my library but this year, I felt it should be one of the books I must read in January.

Like every other T. D Jakes  book,  Instinct is a great read. It is more of a purpose discovery book with details on ‘how’ to discover what God really created you to pursue.

“Any behavior is instinctive if it is performed without being based upon prior experience (that is, in the absence of learning),  and it is therefore an expression of innate biological factors.” -Page 81

God gave us instincts so we can be attracted to those things that fit a higher and better purpose.
This is why you see a few persons practicing what they never learnt or studied in school because their instincts drew their attention to the fact that they could do it, and that it is what they were born to do.

In Instinct,  Bishop T. D. Jakes dealt with:
*How to understand Instinct.
*The difference between instinct and intellect.
*How to activate one’s instinct.
*How instinct helps an individual to stay relevant and also gives a sense of direction.
*What to expect when you start living by instinct.
*Developing and evolving beyond instinct.
*Instinct and predators: how to sense them and what to do with them.
*Instinct and leadership skills.

Quote Peek from the book; 
*Our Human Instinct transcends physical survival and includes our unique purpose.
*Our instincts inspire us to look beyond the usual and identify the unusual.
*When something you encounter resonates with you, pay attention.  *Become a student of your deepest passion and most persistent curiosity.
*When instincts are ignored,  leaders become followers, and followers become leaders.

What I Loved About The Book:
As someone presently living by instinct,  it gladdened by heart to read T. D.  Jakes’ personal stories.  It was really encouraging.
The story of the elephant sent the message home. I love the fact that he went beyond helping me understand my calling by instinct, to a point of living, leading, and seeing the road blocks around instinct, and what I must do to avoid them.

This book is rich because the author wrote from a point of deep experience.

Recommended for all still searching for what they are called to do, those who have discovered it, those living by instinct and leaders.

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