Reading through Condemned, you can practically see into the mind of a criminal;  what his thoughts are, how intelligent he is  and howwell determined he  is to go to any length to ensure that his objectives are achieved.

Crime tends to offer a promising future at  one’s risk.

But how does  Balafama fit into all these?

Condemned is a work that gets its readers hooked.

It makes for not just  a good read but for personal reflection. We had a chat with the author recently and he provided answers to questions about this book.

Here; Do enjoy every read.

Meet the author
I’m Amaye-Igonikon, Babema; a Nigerian from Rivers State. I’m a young writer, a traveller, an adventurer, and a scholar. I’m happily married with a son.

What  does Amaye-Igonikon, Babema write about?
Mostly fiction. I’m not really genre-specific…I’ve done action, adventure, comedy, and a bit of romance. I’ve also done a few works in poetry.

Is Condemned your first work?

It actually is. My previous works haven’t been published yet; I hope to let them out one after the other.

About the book Condemned, what made you put that masterpiece together?

My inspiration for making Condemned was  drawn from the well of challenges our young are constantly exposed to. Some of these include crime, cultism, prostitution,..etc. My primary aim was to develop a literary tool with a significant potential of discouraging our young from engaging in antisocial acts..

It has Port Harcourt, Nigeria, As its setting.. Why Port Harcourt?
Well, you know, I grew up in the garden city. Of all the cities of Nigeria, I know Port Harcourt the most. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been to other regions, no. The reason why I chose to set my story in Port Harcourt was that, I wanted an original piece. To achieve this, I had to form my story in a city I was most comfortable with. I had to be sure of what I was writing each time my character was out there….walking or driving..
This gave me the courage I needed. The knowledge of the road network of Port Harcourt, the lifestyle of the people of Port Harcourt, the weather…etc..I must state here that Port Harcourt wasn’t the only city featured in Condemned. Enugu’s Obolo Afor was featured too..tayo

What would be your greatest accomplishment from the book?

If Condemned successfully touches the heart of someone out there that’s about to take the wrong turn in life..

How does one get a copy of this great book?
Condemned is currently available in soft copies. It’s published at To access this book, one has to download the okadabooks app, get registered, and with a token of N300 Etisalat recharge card (charges inclusive), the book can be bought from the STORE of the app.
Would Condemned be published in paper format in the future? 
Surely. Hopefully, before the end of the year, we would have made significant progress in this regard.

Any word for your readers? Also, what should they expect from you in the nearest future?

A very big “thank you” to all my readers. Your patronage is warmly appreciated. I believe you’d enjoy every bit of the book. After reading, please do not forget to make a review by clicking on the *Add Review* button.I’d love to know your thoughts about Condemned as this would help me get better.

The world should expect more interesting books from me. I hope to be an active and consistent writer. As a matter of fact, I’m currently working on a new book. A comedy. It should be out in the last quarter of the year, by His grace.

Would you appreciate readers contacting you in person? If YES, how?
Of course I’d love readers to contact me in person. I can be reached via my e-mail: I’m also available on the Facebook platform. My Twitter handle is @TonyeAmaye.

Thanks  for your time.
Thanks for having me here.

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