Turning the creative power in a book to help you in reality is one thing I realized people often fail to realize. Just like hearing and not acting, I must confess that I failed at it many times.

While still a teen, around my secondary school days…. I used to read and cram to pass exams. I always sit with huge encyclopedia and read them line to line. But the honest truth is that I hardly bind what I read with reality when it sets in. Yes I was overwhelmed reading a lot. It made me a stand out among cliché and reading peers.

I was dealing with this issue for  a long.anthonio
Not that I don’t understand what I read, but I don’t apply it when the real test of it comes in reality!

Talking about turning book’s creative power and putting it into reality is way beyond reading 10 different kind of books in one month yet no sync.
It is way beyond quotes and rhetoric like “I can’t keep calm, this book is sexy” or ” I am overwhelmed by this book, dropping it for one minute is equivalent to 9/11″….No!

I always love reading but never  applied knowledge gained.

Falling in love with a book is easy folks, falling in Love with applying what you have read isn’t.

I ask my self this question one day when I was dealing with temperament, why will I boast of Reading Max Eggert Brilliant personal development and still can’t handle people’s temperamental issues? I wasted time reading it after all.
Mine is temperament, I don’t know of yours?

I went back after months to digest and apply what I learnt from that books and it worked.. Not that the bible or the pastors aren’t preaching about this in churches (I am assuming we all are Christians)
Don’t get me wrong…but there is a relationship I have with reading from experienced people and Max Eggert is one!

We live in a world of constant adjusting and reapplying of principles.
Dealing with people is one of the hardest job.
Most people have read different kinds of book on leadership but yet No good leadership qualities…. Nothing! Why? Because they are not applying it!

Learned friends and mentors, I employ that we all read and not just read alone but apply what we’ve learned.
If it means staying with one book all year long until you get it done do it!

It’s not easy, yes I know. But let’s be familiar with applications of it first, over time it will become ingrained in us.

Yes I agree personality differs, we see things differently but the established truth is… “what you read and apply, you become”.

I recommend you read Max Eggert books too🙌

There  is nothing bad in staying and reading one book until you understand its application.

There’s nothing wrong with reading a book you love over and over.

–Gail Carson Levine

The world is a chaotic and busy, peoples views are different. There is one book that needs to be applied and problem will be solved.

Learned friends and book lovers, reading is good and exciting.

Let’s make it a point of duty to apply its principles and insight.

Every book has a story, do well in applying the lessons.



anthonio-2*Anthonio  Kekeocha is an intelligent young Nigeria who is passionate about life and making a difference wherever he finds himself. He is an introvert. Presently, Anthonio, works as an health care Assistant at Health Plus Pharmacy in the city of Port Harcourt in Nigeria.

He shared this story on the 11th of December,  2016 to a group of book lovers who interact daily on our Whatsapp group. My Reading Stories holds every Friday by 8pm.

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