I know I do read, and that is because I love to. It’s been a part of me since my primary school days. As at late 2015, I took a look at my bookshelf  so I could count the number of books I’ve read, and at my uttermost shock, I discovered I read more than twenty books, but never got to finish reading about half of the books I read. You may say there is no harm in it, after all I got some information, and half bread is better than none. But let’s take a look at this, the book I  am  fighting hard to read presently  is  “The Way to Wealth” by Brian Tracy. I covered only chapter 1 diligently. Chapters 2 to 9 are  yet to be covered. So, right now, I’m totally ignorant of what chapters 2 to 9 teach. I managed to flip over to chapter 4  (at the time I was preparing for this class), which dealt with Marketing, Selling and Customer Service and my eyes sees the quote…

cover 4


Seeing that didn’t make me smile like you did, (I know you smiled when you read that. Except you didn’t understand the quote at first read) because that quote reminds me of the reason I bought the book.I needed to use the lessons in the book to improve my business. I bought it in August, but I’m still here lamenting that I have not read it as expected. Looking at the book, I could see other lessons. Each line carries so much information, but how would I know these information without reading the book thoroughly? What if the lessons that would actually liberate my business is in page 88?I may never find it, but reading all ensures no stone is left unturned and in turn, since every issue has its unique solution, the vast information I have would enable me know which to apply per time. Application of that knowledge is what we call wisdom, but  knowledge fuels it.

However, when I discovered this my lapse in 2015, I had to sign up on First, I needed to set a reading goal. I’d set the reading challenge for 2016, twenty books to be precise. I was very excited to follow this goal, but also wanted others to read too. That led me to make a post on our first blog inviting others to set a reading goal for 2016. You can read up posts via this link:


I shared it on Write-Treasurez Facebook page and on our BBM platform, and got only one response; and that one response meant a lot to me. It was Ogunjimi John Kehinde who responded.
When he shared his own experience, I discovered we had similar challenge. He had books he did not complete reading.So, we made up our minds to follow up one another.
It was not an easy journey. Sincerely, there were times we forgot to check on each other, but this accountability process helped.He also signed up at and made great progress.

Unfortunately, my reading challenge progress didn’t go well because the books I marked as books that I would read, didn’t matter much to me as the year progressed. So, I ended up reading other books than the books I’d pick as books for my reading challenge therefore each time I updated books that I read at, I discovered it wasn’t reflecting on my reading challenge. So, you would notice from this picture below that it looked like I lagged behind in my challenge, but that isn’t totally true.cover 3

I have learnt from this anyway.

Another interesting thing happened last year as I read. I knew about setting targets and marking pages to be read each day, but one day, this inspiration with bookmarks dropped on my mind very strongly. Read it up here: I found it helpful because fear is something I’m familiar with. Any project that looks big frightens me. But seeing where my bookmark is and where my reading would end for the day, was so inspiring. I sometimes exceeded my limit for the day. The problem with me was my inability to cover books from cover to cover because when a project lingers, I lose interest, and I needed to handle it as work may never allow me to sit all day and read.
However, that year, I read more books from cover to cover because I spoke to someone who was willing to help me achieve my goal. I did set a goal, and used an idea that helped me finish reading voluminous books.



grace OGrace Onyebuolise is a Nigerian. She studied Biochemistry at the University of Port Harcourt but her passion to read and see other read too became a career foundation for her. She runs Write Treasurez, an educational resource center that offer services as book sales, reading club, promoting books and authors, educational news and events. She writes at her spare time too but more importantly she is driven to add value to anyone she meets because that way she gets to spread the love of Jesus Christ which is the best thing that can happen to anyone. She shared this story on the 24  of December,  2016 to a group of book lovers who interact daily on our Whatsapp group. My Reading Stories holds every Friday by 8pm.

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