NOTES ON COMPREHENSION; Maximizing your reading experience. Point 1

A story was told of a professor who visited a Japanese Zen Master. The wise teacher immediately sees that the professor was rather set in his ways and needs to be taught a vital lesson. The master picks up a pot of tea and begins filling the man’s outheld cup. He fills the cup to overflowing, tranquilly watching the tea spill out of the saucer onto the table and floor. 

“Master!” Shouts the student in dismay. “Can’t you see? My cup is already full. There is no room for more tea in it.”
“Just like your head.” Replies the master. If you wish to make room for new ideas, first you must empty your head of old ideas that are blocking your mind.”

Too many times we claim we want to learn, pick up a book to read but have same mindset like this professor. Our mind is already made up on certain matters thereby preventing new ideas.

It could even be a made up mind that understanding beyond your reach.
Which is a lie, because we all have the potential to understand what we read only if our mind is open to learning and believes that it can understand.

Mindsets are powerful and can set a limit to what we learn. Jesus speaking in the book of Mark 7:13 told the Pharisees that they make the word of God of none effect through their tradition, which they have believed.

When you pick up a book, for example a book on business, keep in mind that there are no cast in stone rules on how to achieve success in business and that what you know yesterday could be irreverent today because change and knowledge is progressive.

Once upon a time, some people thought the world was flat.
Bishop Milton Wright, thought it was impossible for men to fly till his sons invented the aircraft.

If you must maximize your reading experience, then you must be open to learning and do away with limiting beliefs.

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