NOTES ON COMPREHENSION; Maximizing your reading experience. Point 2.

Everyone I knew who read ‘Mark of The Lion Series written by Francine Rivers had something positive to say. They all seem to have enjoyed reading the book. 

In 2014, while discussing with a friend, she asked that I read it and was kind enough to allow me read her copy.
I was excited at the offer and I was really prepared to enjoy my experience.

A month down the line, I was not yet done with reading it. I was struggling to understand the book.
When she noticed that my pace was rather slow, she asked to know why.
I had options; to claim it was lack of adequate time due to work or tell her the truth.
I chose the truth.
I had no idea what Francine Rivers was talking about. The history confused me. Gladiator story was new to me therefore I was not finding the historical novel enjoying.

Out of concern, she gave me a few tip that helped me.

Fast forward to 2016 when a friend asked what gift he should get for me, I asked for same series I had issues reading in the past.
Mark of the lion series is one of my treasured books that I own but if I never admitted that I had difficulty understanding it, maybe I would have despised the book at my own cost.
The knowledge that book holds is timeless.

It was same for Ethiopian Eunuch.( Acts 8:26-40)
Imagine for a while that his reply to Philip’s question about understanding what he read was ‘yes’ which would have been a lie, what his outcome of Isaiah 53 would have been. He would have forever remained confused and lost not minding the fact that help came from God.

Help is never useful to a person who needs it but denies that fact.
We may have good reasons to back up need to act like someone who has knowledge in an area but in the end vacuum would always give off echo.
Knowledge comes by asking, for only those who ask receives.

*When you do not understand a book and you really need to read it, don’t be shy or proud to admit it.

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