Does Competition help?


I once listened to Joyce Meyer share a story about her prayer life.
At that point her prayer time was really short but she had a friend who could go on for hours praying

. She was inspired and desired to increase her prayer time.

One day she took her bible, announced to her family that she was going to pray and it would last for an hour therefore no one should come to disturb her during that period.
She got in there but her prayers didn’t last more than 10minutes. In 10minutes she was done with praying.
That experience was quite frustrating for her.

While writing on ‘What Is Your 2016 Reading Plan’ , I had suggested that you join a community because it would encourage you to read better.
But there is another negative side to it, which you much watch and that is using someone  strength to set your goal.

Just because someone in that community reads 100 books a years should not make you push yourself so hard to set same target.
Like I earlier mentioned, you have to consider the free time available to you and the activities you can minimize so you can create more time to read.
You have to consider your speed too; can you read a work so fast and yet understand what you’ve read?
Yes, you can pick up challenges, work towards them and exceed your own expectations but make sure it’s a healthy competition that you would benefit from eventually.
Keep in mind that you can meet your goal but that would not happen by magic. As you keep reading and enjoying the act of reading, you build strength to read more books and faster.
It is an intentional step by step action.reading2

By the why, Joyce Meyer’s time of prayer actually did improve by  her constant daily devotion and love for God.
So just maybe if you just start reading, loving the act of reading and getting devoted to it, you may as well achieve your reading goal no matter how high it is.


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