Reading Made Simple

Last week at our reading Club, Niyi Soyinka shared some thing that anyone who want to make reading an habit must note.


“You should have some sought of idea of how many pages the average book you read has.
Do some arithmetic. First find out how many pages there are in the book. This can be done by skipping the back page and noting down the page number, divide by 7 (if you hope to read the book in 7 days)
This would give you the number of pages you have to read each day. If it has decimal, round it up to the next whole number.

Have a definite time of reading, say 4am-5am , 10pm-11pm.

The secret of great men is in their routine.

Keep a book with you; you never know when you can have read two or three extra pages. In fact, have a book around you at anytime”


Reacting to this, Oluwagbemiga Paul Ayomide said,

It’s a very good idea. I’m using it for a book which has 14 chapters. I decided to read a chapter a day for the next 14 days. this way I get more disciplined, I develop a reading habit, I detect new lessons easily, and can possibly devour more than 2 books in a month.”

If you desire to read more, would you not rather give this a try?

Pick a book today and have a happy reading session!



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