She was at the session where relationship and marriage books were displayed.

She picked a book, Five Love Languages By Gary Chapman.

“I don’t like reading this kind of books because it would show me my husband’s fault. He does not apply such knowledge. We are better off when am ignorant of such knowledge.”


You see her thought is right. She gave areason  why a few avoid to read certain books but then she neglected a particular truth that is hidden in her fear.

She is married. When you are married, you read for yourself. You change your attitude to accommodate your choice of spouse. Remember you can’t change anyone and that is the sole reason why many couples  fight because the other feels that their spouse suddenly wants to change them. The fear of being controlled can change the whole atmosphere in the home.

Yes, she can let things run the way they are and just tag along   but what if she desires a good marriage that would bring all the joy she desires? Wouldn’t it be nice to have that?


That’s what books on marriages teaches. Your spouse may not be helping matters but you can. The  greatest force of change is said to be love. So rather than read to see your spouse’s sin and teach them to change, you read to know,  affirm the good you are already practicing ,  accept change and apply necessary correction. After-all the only one you can change is you.


However,  the unmarried would  read relationship and marriage  books so they  can make a good choice because  once a choice is made,  in marriage, we learn to live with it  while working on oneself and praying for a change where necessary;  especially if the issues are not life threatening.


Most times knowledge can make you see  the evil  or wrong in your spouse but the desired events does not happen when we talk about it or point fingers just because we know better than the other person involved. It only comes when we begin the act of change we seek  through our action and  encouragement.




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