Hello dear, and welcome to Frequently Asked Questions.  My desire is to use this aspect of my writing to answer some of your questions on reading. This week we would be dealing with the question below.  

With lots of books available at my disposal,  which book would help me kick off my reading journey?


This is an amazing question because not only do you want to begin reading again,  you want to do it right since there are tendencies for you to slip back into the old habit of not reading if you begin with a book that would not keep your interest sustained.

Here are a few tips to help.

1) First,  I want to assume you have a plan for your life.  Plans like being successful at work,  staying happy and joyful,  enjoying a blissful marriage,  being wealthy or growing spiritually.
With that plan in mind,  you already have areas you can focus your reading on.  Choose books with vital information around your plan.  This is because the more your reading meets your need,  the more of a necessity it would be to you.

2) Since you have a focus or sense of direction now,  you can google up recommendations from internet or ask friends to recommend books around these topics.  If you do not have friends that read,  social media is there to help.  Put it up as a post and you would get answers. As for Google Search,  I find really reliable and that’s because I also get to read reviews of thousands of people who have read same book. Pay attention to books with high number of recommendations.

3. While using the internet as a means to search ,  consider availability at your local bookshop.  Most times,  books seen on the internet aren’t even available for sell at your area.  Because of this,  be sure to get as much recommendations as you can find.

4. Follow those  who are excelling at what you want to do. Follow them on social media.  Chances are that they would always recommend books and materials that would also help you excel.

4. Ask a bibliophile.  A book lover would have wide range of books available to recommend to you.

If you need recommendations in an area of study,  mention below.  I would do my best to give a good recommendation.

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Wishing you the best of the rest of the week.

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