It’s usually difficult to convince people who do not read to read.

Sometimes it may even result to  an argument.  I remembered being told that I love books that’s why reading is easy  for me but weighing my likes in order of priority, sleeping comes first before books.

I thought I was alone till I heard  Coach Kunle Soriyan admit same at a business conference.

And we know that if one has to go for what they love according to scale of preferences, then sleep must be what people like us would love to do 24hours of the day.

But like they say in Nigerian pidgin “Who sleep help?”

So you can’t totally say people who read do so because they love to read. It’s not totally true.

For Kunle Soriyan, he reads because that’s one way he can remain relevant in his field and that is true for a lot of people who do so.

If you really do not love to read, I would love you to perform an exercise. It’s simple.

Look through your life, there is a subject you know little about, you feel you ought to go to school to learn it but yet can not afford the school fee yet. Search for books in that aspect and read on it. You do not need to spend so much time reading and then become isolated especially if you do not have that time. Expert have proven that all you need is an hour a day on a subject for 5 years and you would become can expert in that field.

Daily routine is sometimes a function of duty rather than love.

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