I love photography.
I love photographs.

Therefore it may not come as a surprise that I deliberately do visit the studio for fresh pictures to illustrate my lessons sometimes.

One of those ‘picture’ days , I met a family. They came for the pictures they took previously.
I fell in love with this home. Mom and daughters wore natural hair and they’d dressed gorgeous, sons inclusive.

While going through their picture, mum felt that one of her daughters would have made the picture an excellent homely album if she had made effort to smile better.

She made a comment that is actually showed she shouldn’t have expected more.
“She never wears a better smile. She is always like this especially in pictures.”

That comment reminded me of a dear friend. Her smile never looked real, only her laughter did. But I knew she was a great friend.

That fake smile was enough to make us quarrel but it didn’t. We argued over other things but not her smile.

That was what understanding did for me then.

And its same with life.
We would argue and struggle over pointless issues except we come to a point were we understand the times and seasons.

Understanding would save you so much energy for other important matters.

And the joyful thing is that God is very willing to opening our mind to understanding His will, purpose and reason for a season.

He promised to send us the Holy Spirit who would lead us into ALL TRUTH.

Trust Him for direction. Pray and ask for His will.
You can’t afford to chase the wind this season.

In this Month of September, let’s take a look at understanding what you read keeping in mind that the major goal for reading is for mental growth which only comes by understanding or comprehending facts and k nowledge.

This series is a  little head start that am putting together that  I know would aid your reading especially if some books really does confuse you.

Welcome to September.
May God do more for you than you would ever ask and work for.
Live purposefully.


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